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Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay

December 3, 2016 at 4:46 am

Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are the two biggest guitar learning companies on the internet. Both sites are very good for learning the guitar. They are quite similar in many aspects although you will find some key differences within their curriculums. Learners looking to sign up to any of the companies need to know the key features of both the companies so that they can make an informed decision. The following is a Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay comparison as well as a features review based on what they currently offer.

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Guitar Tricks

Structure Overview

The first thing that learners notice on logging on to Guitar Tricks is the breakdown of lessons from beginner to advanced. Jamplay also has this system and they call the different levels “phases”. Guitar Tricks has an introductory first lesson for all beginners from which all other lessons build from. The various lessons are grouped into chapters and sub-chapters where each category has a number of short videos. Jamplay categorizes lessons based on teachers and guitar type. The teachers have a series of lessons that beginners can watch and learn from. Both sites are simple and easy to navigate.

Content Overview

Guitar Tricks presents lessons logically with a set curriculum. There is a clear path of progression that learners can follow. Jamplay, on the other hand, has various curriculums based on the tutor a student chooses to learn from. Guitar Tricks is very good for laying the foundation of beginners because their courses are very straightforward and there is only one path to follow. Jamplay, on the other hand, can be a bit confusing especially where the beginners are faced with multiple curriculums to choose from based on the different tutors. In either case, however, the content is well-prepared by professionals.

Advanced Courses

For learners who have graduated from beginner, Guitar Tricks next level is based on learning particular genres and styles of guitar like blues. The same structure of learning is maintained where a learner moves logically from one lesson to the next. At the end of the course, every bit is covered and a learner can play a specific style comfortably. Jamplay’s second phase is also more about genres. The various tutors have their courses outlined and learners can choose any course if they want to. Jamplay has more genres in overall while Guitar Tricks has the main genres done in detail.

Key Differences and Final Thoughts

Generally, a Guitar Tricks Vs Jamplay comparison reveals that Guitar Tricks is more detailed while Jamplay has more choices. There is an indication that many people who have gone through the courses admit that both companies are great, but Guitar Tricks is better for beginners while Jamplay is better for intermediate learners. While there is a different mode of presentation, the core content of both sites is very similar. Both companies have a thorough curriculum that fully equips a learner with all the necessary skills. Both also have educational games, extra learning tools among other things. The choice of which course to take is thus entirely upon every individuals’ preferences.


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Jamplay Guitar Lessons Review

November 24, 2016 at 11:44 am

Jamplay Review 2017 – is jamplay worth buying in 2017? Jamplay feature breakdown and review.

Digital learning is one of the best gifts of the 21st century. People living in the world today have been privileged to live and learn in a world powered by advanced technology. Modern computer communication has been applied in many areas that touch on daily human life. One of the areas where the full benefits of internet technology have been felt is guitar learning. Musicians and guitar enthusiasts have access to guitar learning platforms that transforms students to experts. One of such platforms is Jamplay Guitar Lessons online courses. This platform has a huge following and delivers content in a very effective way. Here is a Jamplay Guitar Lessons review detailing its main features.

Best Jamplay Guitar Lessons Review


The content on the website is presented in form of short videos that provide some key concepts for every lesson. These lessons are further organized into phases that generally indicate the skill level of a particular student. Students need to choose their starting phase based on their guitar background. Four phases exist in total. Apart from the core lessons, additional material exists in form of games, music genres and songs that are very valuable for practice. In overall, there is excellent content delivery. The organization points to a very professional approach by the company as well as a deep understanding of student needs.


Jamplay guitar lessons is a course that allows subscription. Subscribers have the opportunity to enjoy many features provided in the web platform. There is an excellent integration of community forums where students get to share experiences and learn together. Online tools like chord charts are also available on the website, making it easy for learners to have a full experience within the same portal. Jamplay is also one of the few online courses that have numerous guitar styles in their catalog. It is therefore comprehensive in terms of coverage. The course is also mindful of people with disabilities as tools like partial capos are often used in the video lessons.

Highlights of the course

Jamplay guitar lessons is a great online course that addresses many of the issues that older courses have failed to address. Being a relatively new course in the market, nothing less than excellence is expected. The course definitely aims to reflect this reality as it is simple, straightforward and comprehensive. The focus of the course is strictly maintained to guitar learning and learners get the best value out of their time. The inclusion of features like games is also much welcome as it is a good way of taking a break from the main course.

The Jamplay online guitar course is one of the most popular courses online. It is a course that is on a continuous growth as indicated in this Jamplay Guitar Lessons review. The course is also affordable, going at very competitive rates in the market. The value of the material in the course is definitely worth its cost and even more. The fact that subscribers also get constant updates makes the course worth the investment.


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