Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Being Content In Mothering

Contentment Series

Last week I read a Yahoo news article about what a stay at home mom does all day.  By no means is it an awful post.  In fact I've seen it shared A LOT on Facebook.

Unfortunately the post captures all of the negatives of being a stay at home mom and none of the positives.  And the comment section is just plain depressing.  "You clean up vomit 5 times a day?  Well I clean it up 10 times a day!!!"  It's not quite that bad, but you get the idea.

Yes, being a stay at home mom is HARD and our days are filled with tantrums, and messes, and moments when we just want to pull our hair out.  It is incredibly easy to get discontent with staying at home with the kiddos.

Here's the thing though, there is SO MUCH JOY, in raising a family.  If we only focus on the negative we'll be overwhelmed with the negative. The first step in being content in mothering is to count all the wonderful blessings you have.

Because I stay at home, I get to watch my children learn new things every day.  Those tantrums?  They're perfectly normal and they demonstrate my children are developing new skills just beyond their reach.

I get hugs and kisses.  I get to cuddle up and read for hours with my children if I wanted to.  I get to teach them about Jesus.

Yes I'm busy with work, but it's good work, it's important work.  And I choose to love it and be more than content with it even when it's hard.

I've done posts about why I love being a mom before, and I've even had link-ups.  I've always been however too impatient for my link parties to gain steam so I've never done any thing consistently.  But the news article I read confirms in my mind that we mom's NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!  There are too many posts about how awful children are and how challenging being a housewife is.

The only rule for this link up is share a post that will encourage. Feel free to link up as many encouraging posts as you want. Just save some for next week : ) (I consider recipe's, giveaways and how-to's encouraging)  And please consider linking somewhere on your site so others can join.

Will you learn along with me? Let's encourage one another.
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