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My family is gluten free, all recipe's you will find on this site can be made easily with gluten free flours. 
That's the short explanation, here's the longer one:  (Keep in mind I am neither a doctor nor nutritionist, just well versed in this subject)

5 years ago my younger sister discovered she had Celiac's disease.  Within weeks of following a gluten free diet the myriad of symptoms she had literally suffered from for the past decade disappeared.  I have never been diagnosed with Celiac's disease, and unlike my sister I've never had the intense intestinal distress that she did.  However Celiac's is a very difficult disease to diagnose and there are serious dangers to one's health when your body is literally starving because it cannot absorb the nutrients from the food you're eating.

 For a woman with undiagnosed Celiac's this not only means her health is compromised but the health of an unborn baby, or the baby she is nursing.  This is the biggest reason why I am gluten free.  There is enough of a chance that I have undiagnosed Celiac's that I am willing to make this sacrifice.

When someone goes undiagnosed severe damage can occur to the intestines if that individual consumes gluten.  For that reason my children will be gluten free as well.  A nutritionist once told my sister if you have a first degree relative with Celiac's you really shouldn't be eating a lot of food with gluten in it under any circumstance because there is always a chance you can develop Celiac's.  Until there is a definitive way to test for Celiac's this is the position I'm taking for my family.  If we never eat gluten then it can never do severe damage to our intestines.  Since Celiac's is hereditary and it would be grossly unfair if I had one child who needed to be gluten free while everyone else is eating Little Ceasar's pizza it only seems prudent to stick with the diet.  Once you get used to it, it really isn't that bad, in fact I can honestly say I don't miss "real" flours.  The trade off for my health is definitely worth it.