Lilla Rose

If you're looking for a great mother's day gift idea visit my Lilla Rose website.  (If you've never made a purchase before but have visited a Lilla Rose website, make sure you're on my page, my picture will be at the bottom, if not switch over to mine if you'd like in the upper right hand corner)

Well if you can't tell, I'm officially an "independent sales consultant" for Lilla Rose.  I LOVE the flexi-clips, and it just makes sense because Lilla Rose is so internet friendly (and I have a top secret project coming up that this will fit in with, I've already said to much ; ) )

So, you might see the occasional post about Lilla Rose products.  I would also love to host a party for you.  In person if you're a real life friend, or......... we can do one online.  The best part is, the hostess gifts still apply even if your "guests" are spread across the country.  E-mail me at lessons from ivy at gmail dot com if this is something you're interested in.

Mother's day is coming ; )

I've Fallen in Love : )